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Granada Hills Charter (GHC) is home to over 600 full-time faculty and staff providing students with the best educational opportunities available; to do so, we are committed to hiring top-notch faculty, administration, and staff. We offer an attractive salary and benefits package that facilitates a healthy work and life balance.

The GHC employees who connect with our students relationally—who understand and value our mission and core values—are the ones who feel the most successful and professionally fulfilled. Our campuses are truly unique places to work, not only because our physical spaces are beautifully landscaped and state of the art, but because of our strong sense of community. If you are an individual who embraces the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution within a close-knit group of professionals, GHC will be a great fit.

Regardless of position, each and every GHC employee is appreciated and celebrated. Working at GHC is demanding at times because we are a fast-paced environment focused on inspiring the young leaders of tomorrow. We value employees who keep pace with the School’s high expectations, rigorous schedule, and who continually look for ways to serve and support our students.  

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Devonshire Campus

Our TK-8 program began in 2019 as part of the GHC's expansion as an independent public school. Construction on our TK-8 Campus was completed in 2020, opened to over 1,000 students, and continues to grow.

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Zelzah Campus

Our high school program has a rich history beginning in 1960 as a local neighborhood school. As it is known today, the school's conversion charter in 2003 opened innovative opportunities for educators to approach learning through a 21st Century lens. 

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