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What is iGranada Dual Enrollment?

If you were accepted into the iGranada (iG) Dual Enrollment program, the counselor will reach out to you directly.

The iGranada Dual Enrollment Program incorporates online learning, daily advisory, and weekly live and virtual interaction. The program is designed with a unique and flexible collegiate-like schedule allowing access to the comprehensive high school experience. Students engage in a variety of instructional strategies for success; academic seminars, weekly virtual synchronous instruction, academic seminars, and virtual peer interaction.

If the ability to access courses during non-traditional school hours and complete a course before a semester ends is a priority, then this program may suit your needs.

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What is Independent Learning?

Hybrid learning simply blends a student’s independent study with on-campus seminar classes. Our hybrid learning model has students completing 70% of their work independently and 30% at our school site in seminars, tutoring sessions, or meeting one-on-one with their Advisor. Students are free to come and work on campus in the iGranada building where subject-specific experts are on hand each day – typically for 4-6 hours.

Tutors offer assistance on assignments or answer questions. Hybrid learning has been shown to improve student performance and is typically how most colleges or universities operate. 

Students should have or be willing to learn greater time management, responsibility, scheduling, and other valuable life skills that will help them succeed here and in life. The family should be willing to devote extra time monitoring and engaging with their student about their progress, social and emotional health, understanding or difficulties, interests, high school plan, and graduation requirements.

Our partnership with the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) gives students access to many helpful tools to set them up for success.

Our seminars act as a way for our teachers to check student understanding and to deepen their understanding of what they have learned on their own. Seminars can be any engaging activity or assessment. Seminars could be science labs or demonstrations, debates or mock trials, presentations or performances, Socratic Seminars, historical simulations, problem-based activities, and more. Seminars can also be used by a teacher to give any type of assessment.