Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

STEM is a clustered program that focuses on an integrative approach to science, math, technology and engineering that allows for real-world application and STEM career readiness. Students in the STEM program are expected to take four years of foundational science and math courses that go beyond the graduation requirements. This program integrates coursework and skills in language arts, mathematics, and science that culminate in a STEM related research project.


Program Requirements

  • Must have taken 8th grade CP or H English and received an A or B

  • Must have taken at least Math 8 and received an A

Course Work Includes

  • 4 years of H English

  • 4 years of Math

  • 4 years of Science

Rita Bedoyan

Rita Bedoyan

School Counselor

Academic Program: STEM Biotechnology Pathway

Student Last Names: A - Z


Academic Program: Granada Guaranteed Curriculum (GGC)

Student Last Names: Meh - Pan

Briana Brazil

Briana Brazil

School Counselor

Academic Program: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

Student Last Names:  A - Z