Independent Study (IS)

The Independent Study (IS) Academic Program is a blended learning program that incorporates both online learning and face-to-face instruction allowing for full flexibility of student programs and student support. The program is designed with a unique and flexible collegiate-like schedule allowing access to the full high school experience. Students engage in a variety of instructional strategies for success; project-based learning, collaboration, seminar instruction and peer interaction. All Independent Study coursework meets the UC/CSU eligibility requirements and is approved by the NCAA.

  • Grades 9-12
  • IS
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What Is Independent Study?

Independent Study is an independent learning program that incorporates online learning instruction.

Independent Study (IS) affords students an alternative setting for those who need flexible learning time and/or attendance. Specifically, our program is designed for:

  • Home school students

  • Students working in the film or music industry

  • Students with extensive travel

  • Professional athletes

  • Students who struggle with the traditional learning setting


Why choose Independent Study?

Why choose this flexible instructional program over the traditional model?

You know your child. If the ability to access courses during non-traditional school hours and complete a course before a semester ends is a priority, then this program may suit your needs.

If your child needs a specified focus on college-level writing and expanding his/her literature base, then the academic seminars at Independent Study (IS) will enhance your child's educational experience. Depending on the motivation of your child, the possibility of graduating early is attainable.

Not only does your child have access to our nationally recognized Academic Decathlon, award winning band, and a variety of sports teams, they will thrive in a small school environment and have more control over academic needs and pacing with access to the desired AP and honors courses as well.

IS allows the non-traditional student to have constant access to courses and work at an individualized pace while offering the structure and stability of the traditional high school experience.

At A Glance

Current Students


Nicole Austin, Administrative Director, Independent Study

Phone: (818) 360-2361, ext. 201

Address: 17081 Devonshire Street, Northridge, CA 91325

The Independent Study (IS) Academic Program is located a mile east of our Zelzah campus at our TK-8 Devonshire facility.