Visitors on School Campus

Visitors on School Campus
Jordan Duke

VISITORS ON SCHOOL CAMPUS: All visitors, including parents of current students, must sign in at the Main Entrance or Main Office and receive a visitor’s pass. When registering, the visitor is required to provide his/her name, address, age (if under 21), his/her purpose for entering school grounds, and proof of identity. Visitors who are found on campus without a visitor’s pass will be escorted to the office by administration or a security guard. The safety of students is of primary concern; therefore, unidentified adults are not permitted on campus.

It is the general policy of the school not to allow any individual or organization to enter the school site if the educational setting would be disrupted by that visit. Public school officials in California have found that the presence of federal immigration officers (i.e., Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or "ICE") and other government officers/officials may cause a disruption of the educational setting. Therefore, any request by a government officer/official (including but not limited to local law enforcement officers, immigration enforcement officers, social workers, district attorneys, or U.S. attorneys) will be directed to the Executive Director or designee. The officer/official will also be asked to produce any documentation that authorizes school access. GHC staff shall make reasonable efforts to notify parents or guardians prior to permitting a student to be interviewed or searched, consistent with the law and/or any court order, warrant or instructions from the officer/official. A copy 25 of the documentation provided by the officer and notes from the encounter may be maintained by GHC, consistent with the law. The GHC Governing Board and Bureau of Children’s Justice in the California Department of Justice, at, will be timely informed regarding any attempt by a law-enforcement officer to access a school site or a student for immigration-enforcement purposes, as recommended by the Attorney General.

Permission to visit must be given at the time requested if at all possible or within a reasonable period of time following the request. Photography or filming on campus is prohibited without prior administrative approval. Students who are not enrolled at the school are not to be on the campus unless prior approval of the Executive Director or designee has been obtained. Visitors may not interfere with or disrupt any classroom or school activity. Visitors are expected to:

  1. Follow the established school policy in requesting a classroom visitation.
  2. Provide identification and complete a visitor's permit upon arrival at the site.
  3. Enter and leave the school and/or classroom as quietly as possible.
  4. Not converse with the students, teacher and/or instructional aides during the visitation. 
  5. Not interfere with any school activity.
  6. Seek administrative approval for the length and frequency of classroom visits.
  7. Follow the school's established procedures for meeting with the teacher, counselor, dean and/or administrative director after the visit, if needed.
  8. Return the visitor's permit to the point of origin before leaving the campus.

The Executive Director or designee shall seek the assistance of the police in managing or reporting any visitor in violation of this Policy.

School Volunteer Clearance Procedure and Policy

To ensure the safety of our students, all parents or community members volunteering as a chaperone or driver for any school related field trip, activity or event including athletics must be fully cleared as a volunteer. This is applicable whether the activity takes place before, during or after the school day or on the weekend. All individuals must be fingerprinted and TB screened in addition to the current driver’s license and insurance requirements of all volunteer drivers. Volunteer Packets are available on the school website or through the Main Office for pick up. Contracted or reduced fee testing locations, and reimbursement options are provided in the packet.

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