Tardy Policy

Tardy Policy
Jennifer Sheridan


1. Tardy: The following circumstances warrant an unexcused absence/tardy and require that students be sent to the Intervention Room:

a. A student is not in his/her seat when the tardy bell rings.

b. A student is outside the classroom without a legitimate school pass when the tardy bell rings.

c. A student comes from off campus onto campus and does not make it to class before the tardy bell rings. A parent excuse is not sufficient to excuse the tardy. The student must remain in the Intervention Room unless he/she has written documentation of a doctor’s appointment, dentist appointment, legal appointment, driver’s license appointment, or appearance in court. For a doctor’s or dentist appointment the student must have an appointment card or a note written on the doctor’s/dentist’s stationery stating the date and time of the appointment. Documentation must be shown for all other appointments This paperwork must also indicate the date and time of the appointment.

2. Excused Tardy: A tardy will be considered excused if the student obtains a stamped or signed school pass before arriving to class.

a. A student must obtain a stamped or signed school pass from school personnel (authorized school personnel: teacher, administrator, office staff) if the student is detained for school related business only. The pass must indicate the student’s name, date, time of departure, location of departure, destination points, and signature.

b. Tardies may also be excused through the A5/Intervention Room.

c. Teachers will not admit students into class without a legitimate pass or summons.

Consequences Assigned by the Attendance Dean may vary at the Dean's discretion:

1-2 tardies = Warning

3rd tardy = Call or letter sent home

4th tardy = Warning

5th tardy = One hour of detention assigned

6th tardy = Parent/Student Intervention Conference required in lieu of a reassignment

7th tardy = Warning

8th tardy = One hour detention assigned

9th tardy = Redirection, followed by a Parent/Student Intervention COnference required in lieu of a reassignment

10th tardy = Warning

11th tardy = One hour of detention assigned

12th tardy = Reassignment, followed by a Parent/Student Conference

*This pattern continues for every set of three tardy mark

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