Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Jordan Duke

No Expectation of Privacy: GHC has the authority to monitor all Accounts, including email, files, documents, internet activity, and other materials transmitted, received, or created by the User. Users cannot expect that anything created, stored, sent or received using the GHC network will be private. Files and email are continuously archived by GHC; therefore, their contents will still be available even though the User has deleted them. Files, email and/or the history of websites a User has visited may be read by GHC at any time, including if it is believed that the User violated the AUP, the school discipline policy, the school ethics policy, the school academic integrity policy, or the law. All such materials are the property of GHC. Users do not have any right or expectation of privacy regarding such materials.

Restriction of Free Speech: The GHC network is not a public access service or a public forum. GHC has the right and responsibility to restrict material including text, graphics and all other forms of expression accessed, posted or stored on the system.

Waiver of Privacy Rights: Students expressly waive any right of privacy, as to GHC, in anything they create, store, send, or receive using the GHC network. They understand and consent to GHC’ use of human and/or automated means to monitor the use of the GHC network and devices, including email and internet access.

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