Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement
Jordan Duke


GHC recognizes that, when schools and parents form strong partnerships, the student’s potential for educational success improves significantly. Parents learn the scope of their school's instructional program and set high expectations for their children. As a result, schools can better focus on student growth and success. GHC supports a variety of parent-involvement programs that enable the school to involve parents in a broad range of roles. The following is a list of committees and organizations currently in place.

  • Committees are Curriculum and Instruction, Operations, Student Services, School Site Council, and English Learners Advisory Committee.
  • Parent Organizations are PTSA, Dance/Cheer Parent Organization and Korean Parent Association. In addition, informal parent meetings are held, such as the Saturday Pan con Cafe/Coffee Klatch and the GHC Parent Ambassadors. Meetings are held throughout the year and are posted on the school website.

Parent involvement in schools yields higher levels of student academic achievement, better attendance, and other education benefits. The inclusion of parental involvement as one of the eight state priorities identified in the Local Control Funding Formula reflects the significance of this factor in student academic success. All public schools continually seek effective ways to increase and support parent engagement at school. Granada Hills Charter provides a variety of ongoing informational meetings, special events and awards assemblies, workshops, and volunteer opportunities to achieve this laudable goal.

All public schools – independent charter, affiliated charter, and district schools - are prohibited from requiring a parent or guardian to perform volunteer service as a condition of his/her child’s admission, continued enrollment, and/or participation in the school’s educational activities, or otherwise discriminating against a student because his/her parent cannot, has not, or will not provide voluntary service to the school. See, e.g., Education Code § 49011. Simply put, students must not be held accountable for, or denied their educational rights based on, the actions or inactions of their parents.

Granada Hills Charter remains committed to ensure that parent volunteering at the school is and remains truly voluntary.

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