Jordan Duke

LOCKERS: Hall lockers are for storage of books. Students are advised not to leave money, valuables, clothing, or other personal belongings in their locker. Chromebooks and other school issued technology should not be stored in lockers. The school is not responsible for losses. Lockers are randomly searched as part of our school safety plan. Refer problems with lockers to the Attendance Office.

Students will be issued a locker during summer registrations with the understanding that the student agrees to the conditions for locker assignments. Students will be assigned lockers according to their class schedules for convenience and proximity. Exceptions and adjustments may be made depending on number of students in each grade from year to year.

Conditions for Assignments of Student Lockers

  • Student will be held responsible for his/her assigned locker.
  • Items stored in the locker must be kept in a clean and orderly condition.
  • A school administrative director or designee may inspect the contents of the locker during random locker searches.
  • Items prohibited by GHC policy may not be kept in lockers, i.e., weapons, drugs, dangerous objects, and hats. If any such prohibited item is found in a locker, the student may be subject to disciplinary action. Please do not store valuables in lockers.
  • If things that are prohibited by law or by board policy are found in the locker, the administrative director may remove them for safekeeping or investigation.
  • Things belonging to others not assigned to the locker must not be kept in the locker.
  • Students in the 9th grade may share a locker with another 9th grade student.
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