Internet Safety

Internet Safety
Jordan Duke


  1. In compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (“CIPA”), GHC implements firewall filtering/blocking software and hardware to restrict access to internet sites containing child pornography, obscene depictions or other materials harmful to minors under 18 years of age. Although GHC takes every precaution to ensure that such materials are not accessed through the computer network, there is still a risk an internet User may be exposed to a site containing such materials. A User who connects to such a site must immediately disconnect from the site and notify a teacher or administrative director. If a User sees another User accessing inappropriate sites, he or she should notify a teacher or administrative director immediately.
  2. In compliance with CIPA, GHC and its representatives monitor all minors’ online activities while on the GHC network or GHC devices, including website browsing, email use, video and text chat, instant messaging, social media, blog participation and other forms of electronic communication. Such monitoring may lead to a discovery that a User has violated or may be violating this Policy, the appropriate 60 disciplinary policy or the law. Monitoring is aimed to protect minors from accessing inappropriate material, as well as to help enforce this Policy as determined necessary by the GHC Governing Board or other related authority. GHC also monitors other Users’ (e.g. employees, students 18 years or older) online activities while on the GHC network or GHC devices and may access, review, copy, store or delete any electronic communication or files and disclose them to others as it deems necessary.
  3. If a student under the age of 18 accesses his/her GHC Account or the internet outside of school, a parent or legal guardian must supervise the student’s use of the Account or internet at all times and is completely responsible for monitoring the student’s use thereof. Filtering and/or blocking software will be employed to monitor home access to the internet. Parents and legal guardians should inquire at GHC if they desire more detailed information about the software.
  4. Student information shall not be posted online unless it is necessary to receive information for instructional purposes and only if the student’s teacher and parent or guardian has granted permission gin advance.
  5. Safety and Identify Theft: Users shall not reveal on the internet personal information about themselves or about other persons. For example, Users should not reveal their full name, home address, telephone number, school address, social security number, credit card number, photograph, parents/guardians’ name or any other information that could identify them to anyone except GHC staff. It is illegal to post other employees’ personal information online without their prior consent.
  6. GHC has the authority to suspend or expel students for bullying fellow students over the internet, in text messaging or image by means of an electronic device including but not limited to a telephone, wireless telephone Users are advised not meet in person anyone they have met on the internet in a secluded place or a private setting. Users who are under the age of 18 are advised not meet in person anyone they have met on the internet without his/her parents/guardians’ permission.
  7. Users will abide by all GHC security policies and by CIPA.
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