Integrated Pest Management Program

Integrated Pest Management Program
Jordan Duke

INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT PROGRAM: GHC has developed a comprehensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program – a copy of the IPM is available for inspection in the Main Office. It is the goal of the school to provide for the safest and lowest-risk approach to manage pest problems while protecting people, the environment and property. The IPM Policy focuses on long-term prevention and will give non-chemical methods first consideration when selecting appropriate pest management techniques. Emphasis under the program is placed on the use of mechanical (e.g., glue traps) and exclusionary (e.g., installation of door sweeps and screens, caulking holes and crevices) pest management techniques prior to using pesticides or herbicides where possible.

Pesticide/herbicide products used must be first approved by the IPM team following a careful review of contents, precautions, and low-risk methods of use. Pesticides and herbicides may only be applied by licensed Pest Management Technicians. No pesticide/herbicide use by school staff, contractors, students, or parents is permitted.

The school complies with Healthy Schools Act. The school will notify parents, employees, and students of all pesticides applications using the following guidelines:

  1. By following the guidelines, regulations and notification procedures of the Healthy Schools Act.
  2. By herein providing a summary of the IPM program and goals, the IPM Policy, Request for Notification Form, and the current IPM Team-approved list of products as outlined in the IPM Handbook located in the Main Office.
  3. The following information is also available in the Main Office:
  • The IPM Team-approved products list
  • A log of IPM activity at the school

The notification will include specific information, including product names and active ingredients, target pest, date of pesticide use, signal work indicating the toxicity category of the pesticide, a contact name and number for more information, and the availability of further information in the Main Office.

Parents or guardians should notify the administrative director overseeing Facilities on the Request for Notification Form if they believe their child's health and/or behavior could be influenced by exposure to pesticide products, and as a result, if they desire to be notified of all pesticide applications.

Signs shall be conspicuously posted around any area at least 72 hours before and for five (5) half-lives of the product after the use or application of pesticides not on the IPM Team-approved list in a non-emergency situation. In the event of an emergency as determined above, posting will go up at the time of the application.

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