COVID-19, MRSA, and Preventing Disease Transmission

COVID-19, MRSA, and Preventing Disease Transmission
Jordan Duke

COVID-19, MRSA, AND PREVENTING DISEASE TRANSMISSION: GHC is sensitive to the possibility of disease transmission and has developed a proactive plan to address the spreading of COVID-19, MRSA and other communicable diseases which includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Regular deep cleaning of all restrooms and PE facilities.
  • Daily cleaning of all restrooms.
  • Training all staff and coaches on ways to prevent MRSA. 
  • Implementing a NO-SHARING RULE (athletes should not share equipment, clothing, towels, and other personal items) in the Athletic program and PE program. 26
  • Using of anti-bacterial soap in all restrooms.
  • Installation of hand sanitizers pumps in the PE areas, computer rooms, and lunch area.

Parents and students concerned with the cleanliness of the campus should address their concerns to the administrative director overseeing facilities.

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