Home Access Center (HAC)

Home Access Center (HAC)
Jordan Duke

Home Access Center (HAC) and Student Access Center

Through eSchoolPLUS, GHC will offer Home Access Center (HAC). Home Access Center is a secure software application which enables parents to access pertinent information about their student’s attendance, grades, course history, transcripts and much more. Once school starts, parents/guardians may go to www.ghcTK12.com and follow the instructions below to register for Home Access Center (HAC):

Click on Home Access Center found under “Quicklinks” on www.ghcTK12.com (Or go directly to www.ghcTK12.com/hac)

Click on “Click Here to Register for HAC”

Within 24 hours, registered parents will receive their username and password. Login to your HAC account to start viewing the student’s grades, daily attendance, and course schedule.

  • For further information download the HAC parent handbook at www.ghcTK12.com under Home Access Center.
  • Email notifications are not automatic and must be selected under personal settings.
  • To view grades, parent/guardian should click on the “Classwork” tab and click on all runs.
  • Home Access Center is a tool and using the Home Access Center information is not a replacement for checking your student's planner and/or talking with your child about assignments and grades. Assignments are graded and recorded in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Parents should NOT share their HAC username and password with their student(s). After school begins, students will receive their own username and password to the Student Access Center.

For new students who enroll after school starts, registration for (HAC) takes place in the Counseling Office after completion of enrollment. For more information, please contact extension 306.

Students will receive their Student Access Center username and password after school starts. Students will use the same username and password for their school email account, network login and other onsite/offsite technology resources.

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