Awarding Class Credit

Awarding Class Credit
Jordan Duke

AWARDING CLASS CREDIT: Class credit is awarded for classes approved by the GHC Governing Board. Earning five instructional credits normally requires five 40 to 60 minute periods of class time per week for one semester. Credits are based on the Carnegie Unit. One Carnegie Unit represents one full-year class and is equivalent to 10 semester credits. One-half Carnegie Unit represents one semester’s work in a subject and is equivalent to 5 semester units. Credit is not awarded for classes in which a student earns a fail, No Mark, Incomplete or ATF (Fail due to attendance policy).

Credit is not awarded for classes repeated to raise a grade unless the grade previously earned was a fail, No Mark, Incomplete or ATF. Partial credit is not granted for GHC classes unless a student is eligible under AB 216. For information about GPA calculation, see the GHC Course Catalog. Currently enrolled students who take classes at intuitions another than Granada Hills Charter must have approval from their counselor to earn high school credit. All courses posted to the transcript are final and cannot be removed from the transcript record.

All GHC courses are accredited by the Western Association of School and Colleges (WASC) and are transferable throughout the United States. Students who graduate from GHC with a "C" or better in required courses will meet the UC/CSU "a-g" requirements unless otherwise noted in their Individual Education Plan.

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