Alternatives to Suspension/Expulsion

Alternatives to Suspension/Expulsion
Jordan Duke

ALTERNATIVES TO SUSPENSION/EXPULSION: GHC utilizes a progressive discipline program that is aligned with the District’s Discipline Foundation Policy. GHC believes that alternatives to suspension align with our school wide PBIS.

All students at GHC are expected to behave appropriately and to learn and follow all guidelines and school policies. A Multi-Tiered System of Support is used for students who are exhibiting inappropriate or disruptive behaviors. A three- tiered system supports students at various levels of need.

Tier 1: Universal Supports and Strategies

These interventions are designed to teach appropriate behavior so that students may contribute to the learning community within the classroom environment. Teachers are encouraged to try a variety of instructional and classroom management strategies to support all learners. Strategies include the following:

  • Proactive Classroom Management
  • Regular, Preemptive Communication with Families
  • Classroom Incentives
  • Seating, assignment, behavioral accommodations
  • Conferencing with Student(s) and Parents
  • Verbal correction and redirection
  • Reminders, Role-Play, daily progress sheet
  • Loss of Classroom Privileges
  • Written and/or verbal reflection

Tier 2: Selected, More Intensive Supports and Strategies

These responses engage the student’s support system to ensure successful learning and to alter conditions that are inappropriate or disruptive. Strategies include the following:

  • Behavioral Contract
  • Support Groups- Empowerment Group, Social Skills Group, Stress Management, Drug Prevention
  • School-home Communication
  • Adult or Peer Mentorship
  • Utilize Check-in and Check-out System
  • Detention (lunch, after school, Saturday, etc.)
  • Refer Student to SST
  • Loss of Privileges
  • Temporary Removal from class
  • Extended school day
  • Community Service
  • Research paper/presentation
  • Parent Shadow

Tier 3: Targeted/Intensive Supports and Strategies

These responses address serious behavior and potential implications for future harm. They promote safety of the school community and should be used in a progressive fashion. Strategies include the following:

  • All Tier 1 and Tier 2 Interventions
  • FBA Based Behavior Intervention Plans
  • Teaching Replacement Behavior
  • Home and Community Supports with the support of the school Social Worker
  • Self- Management Program
  • Restricted Access
  • In-school Reassignment and/or suspension
  • Short-term out-of-school suspension
  • Extended out-of-school suspension
  • Request for alternate educational setting
  • Recommendation for Expulsion
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