COVID-19 Information

Schoolwide Updates

Medical Exemption Information

Parents/guardians may apply to seek a medical exemption. The medical exemption form (linked here) must be completed to apply for a medical exemption. If approved for a medical exemption, the student will be allowed on campus. Applications for medical exemptions must be submitted to the School by November 19, 2021 at for High School students and for TK-8 students. Please direct questions to the respective email addresses. The GHC policy does not allow for religious or personal belief exemptions. 

Medical Exemption Form

Independent Study (IS) Not In-Person

Parents/guardians who wish for their student to be considered for Independent Study for the second semester must notify the School by November 19, 2021. Students in the Independent Study program do not need to meet the COVID-19 vaccination requirements and will not be permitted to access instruction or participate in any School activity or event on a GHC campus. Given enrollment capacity limitations for the GHC Independent Study program in both the TK-8 and High School programs, a lottery may be conducted.

iGranada (IS) Academic Program Application

Process for Meeting Mandatory Vaccination Requirement

All students eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine are required to submit proof of vaccination to the School in order to be on campus for in-person learning.  Deadlines to submit proof of the first and second vaccination shots are November 19 and December 17, 2021 respectively. Vaccination proof is to be submitted to for High School students or for TK-8 students.

Instructional Plans During Quarantine

Student Resource

First page of the PDF file: GranadaHills-QuarantineFlyer

Parent Locker Explained

Parent Locker Connect

Parent Locker messages explained. The following messages are potentially what students will see on their Parent Locker. After each message is a brief explanation of each message, including next steps the student must complete in order to enter campus safely.

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