These Granada Hills Charter Students and Alumni are L.A.M.P Program Graduates

These Granada Hills Charter Students and Alumni are L.A.M.P Program Graduates
Jordan Duke

Granada Hills Charter (GHC) is proud to celebrate the success of sophomore, Gabe Haynes, and his fellow L.A.M.P Program mentees, also Granada Hills Charter alumni.

The L.A.M.P Program, an initiative by the Gamma Zeta Boulé Foundation, is designed to mentor Black male high school students, guiding them through their critical high school years and preparing them for future success.

The L.A.M.P Program's May graduation ceremony is a significant milestone for these young men. The event was filled with joy, pride, and a sense of accomplishment for their hard work and dedication. Gabe Haynes, a sophomore candidate participating in the program, took a moment to capture a photo from this memorable day, featuring Gabe alongside Drew and Sean Taylor (Class of 2023), and Branson Bailey (Class of 2024) and Kanye Martin (Class of 2024). These outstanding individuals are both graduates of Granada Hills Charter and proud alumni of the L.A.M.P Program!

The L.A.M.P Program focuses on four key pillars: Leadership, Achievement, Management, and Professionalism. Through various fun and challenging activities, the program supports the growth and development of its mentees in these crucial areas. By instilling these values, the L.A.M.P Program ensures its graduates are well-equipped to tackle future challenges and excel in their personal and professional lives.

Join us in congratulating Gabe, Drew, Sean, Branson, and Kanye on their remarkable achievements. Their journey through high school and the L.A.M.P Program is just the beginning of bright futures ahead.

As they move forward, we are confident that they will continue to exemplify the qualities of leadership, achievement, management, and professionalism.

Visit the website of Gamma Zeta Boulé Foundation for more information on the L.A.M.P Program.