Granada Hills Charter Unveils New Community Benches

Granada Hills Charter Unveils New Community Benches
Jordan Duke

Granada Hills Charter (GHC) held an unveiling and ribbon-cutting ceremony for two newly installed community benches, showcasing a collaborative ceramic art project by the school's faculty, staff, and students. One bench is located on the Zelzah Campus, and the other on the Devonshire Campus.

Led by ceramics teacher Julie Neumann, the project began last November to celebrate GHC’s 20th anniversary as a charter school. Teachers and staff created ceramic tiles and pinch pots, while a focus group of students participated by offering insights on words that best described the GHC community. These words are now featured on the benches, emphasizing the collective effort and spirit.

“We aimed to create a lasting piece of community art,” Neumann stated. “It’s wonderful to see everyone’s efforts come together in such a meaningful way.”

The benches serve as a testament to the school’s commitment to community and creativity, encouraging interaction and appreciation from students, staff, and visitors alike.

This article is based on a piece originally written by Patricia Fontejon (Plaid Press) and has been updated for clarity and to include the recent unveiling and ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Ceramic Tile Benches Unveiling and Ribbon Cutting (20 Year Anniversary)