Who are hilarious and great joke-tellers? Ms. Hanley's Grade 02 Students!

Jessica Villeda

Thank you to Ms. Hanley and her grade 02 students for bringing us joy with these uproarious jokes.

Below you will find the complete video of jokes along with each joke numerically listed for reference.

Caution: these jokes may cause uncontrollable smiling, laughter, and a serotonin boost! 😂



 Grade 02 Students' Jokes: 

  1. What are twins favorite fruit? Pears!
  2. What do you call a group of two people? A society!
  3. Where does a cat keep its lipstick? In their puuuurse!
  4. Knock-knock? Who's there? Luke. Luke, who? Look in the peep-hole and find out!
  5. What do thunder clouds wear to sleep? Thunderwear!
  6. Why are movie stars so cool? They have a lot of fans!
  7. What did the teddy bear say to the other teddy bear? It's stuffy in here!
  8. What time should you go to the dentist? At tooth-thirty!
  9. Why is the skeleton so sad? Because he has no bones! 

Note: The jokes were written verbatim as told by the students.