Summer 2022 Annual Registration Dates for both Returning and New Students who have already enrolled

Frank Tarczynski

For Returning Students and New Students who have already enrolled


Monday and Tuesday, August 1 and 2 (8:00—11:00)

GRADES 10 and 11

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, August 3, 4, and 5 (8:00—11:00)

Make-Up Day

Monday, August 8 (8:00—11:00)

The student must register in person—a parent or sibling may not take the student’s place as getting the ID photo taken is a required part of the registration process.

Details about the registration process will be provided during the spring semester. Registration must be completed in order to receive the fall class schedule, student ID card, and locker assignment (if applicable). Students with debts will NOT be allowed to complete registration until the debt is cleared or a payment plan is established.

Students who need program changes must contact their counselors the same day immediately following registration; program changes after school opens will be limited.

If you do not complete registration prior to the start of school your class schedule will be dropped and you will be unable to attend class on August 11 until registration is completed.

GRADE 9: Registration will be completed during the Summer Transition Academy and schedules will be distributed on the first day of school. If students in grade nine need program changes, they must make an appointment online to see a counselor after school opens.

Returning students attending summer school will have the opportunity to register during the summer and will not have to come to one of the above registration dates. More info provided during the summer session.

  • More information about the registration process will be provided during the spring semester.

  • Counselors will not see students who enroll after August 9 until the first day of school.

  • THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR ALL STUDENTS IS Thursday, August 11. Students who fail to report to school on August 11 risk losing their programs.

  • Program changes requested after school opens will not be made until all newly enrolled students have classes.

  • All program changes must be requested and completed before Permanent Program Day, August 26. Program changes will NOT be processed after this date without a drop-fail in the class.