GHC Student Vaccination Requirement and Updates (October 2021)

Brian Bauer

Dear Granada Hills Charter Community,

I first want to thank the entire community for its continued support throughout these extraordinary times. This communication is to notify all Granada Hills Charter (“GHC”) students and families of important updates to the School’s health and safety plan that allow for the further reopening of the School’s campuses in phases. 

At its Monday, October 11, 2021 meeting, the GHC Governing Board approved a policy requiring an approved COVID-19 vaccination for all GHC students, age 12 and older. This policy ensures the safest learning environment for all students and aligns with local and state guidance and directives related to COVID-19 vaccination for all age-eligible students. 

In addition, as we continue to open our campuses in phases, we are updating our guest and visitor policy as it pertains to spectators - students and parents/guardians - attending athletic events.  

Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination for all Age-Eligible Students

Effective January 11, 2022, all age-eligible students must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to access in-person learning, activities and events on any Granada Hills Charter campus. All students eligible for the vaccine must show proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19, excluding students with approved medical exemptions and those students who are offered conditional admissions. The full policy is linked here for your reference. 

Fully Vaccinated

An individual is considered fully vaccinated two weeks (14 days) after a final dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine. Please refer to the schedule below to meet the deadlines for full vaccination status.

Process for Meeting Mandatory Vaccination Requirement

All Granada Hills Charter students eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine are required to submit proof of vaccination to the School in order to be on campus for in-person learning.  Deadlines to submit proof of the first and second vaccination shots are November 19 and December 17, 2021 respectively. Vaccination proof is to be submitted to for High School students or for TK-8 students. Failure to meet deadlines or comply with the policy may prevent or delay students in the second semester  from accessing in-person instruction, prompt a new class schedule based on availability, and/or may lead to an offer of only independent study.

Medical Exemption

Parents/guardians may apply to seek a medical exemption. The medical exemption form (linked here) must be completed to apply for a medical exemption. If approved for a medical exemption, the student will be allowed on campus. Applications for medical exemptions must be submitted to the School by November 19, 2021 at for High School students and for TK-8 students. Please direct questions to the respective email addresses.

Religious or Personal Exemption

The GHC policy does not allow for religious or personal belief exemptions. 

Independent Study (Not In-Person)

Parents/guardians who wish for their student to be considered for Independent Study for the second semester must notify the School by November 19, 2021. Students in the Independent Study program do not need to meet the COVID-19 vaccination requirements and will not be permitted to access instruction or participate in any School activity or event on a GHC campus. Given enrollment capacity limitations for the GHC Independent Study program in both the TK-8 and High School programs, a lottery may be conducted.

More information about the notification form and deadline as well as details of the Spring semester Independent Study program will be communicated in the coming days. 



Vaccination Clinic on GHC Campuses

The School will be hosting several COVID-19 vaccination clinics on GHC campuses beginning this month. More information will be communicated about date, time, location, and registration for the vaccination clinics hosted on the GHC campuses.

Access to the GHC Campus

As we continue to open our campus in phases, our priority has been and will continue to be the safety of our students and staff.   We are pleased to announce the following:

Student Attendance at Athletic Events on a GHC Campus:  Beginning October 20, 2021, GHC students eligible to be on campus during the school day will be allowed to attend athletic events - indoors and outdoors - held on a GHC campus. More information about requirements for students to attend athletic events as spectators will be communicated in the coming days.

Parent/Guardian Attendance at Athletic Events on a GHC Campus: Beginning November 1, 2021, parents and guardians of GHC students will be allowed to attend athletic events - indoors and outdoors - held on a GHC campus. Per GHC Policy, effective October 15, 2021, all guests and visitors to a GHC campus must provide the School with proof of COVID-19 vaccination. More information about the process, including requirements, for parents/guardians to attend athletic events as spectators will be provided in the coming days.

We will continue to communicate important updates to and reminders about School policies and practices. Thank you for your continued support of GHC and the necessary actions you are taking to keep the GHC community safe.  


Brian Bauer