Discover International Possibilities: Softball Athletes Reach New Levels of Excellence

Discover International Possibilities: Softball Athletes Reach New Levels of Excellence
Julian Sims

There are many things that make a star athlete, one is being able to play with vastly different teammates and coaches. At Granada Hill Charter (GHC), we celebrate this fact and congratulate our softball players who have played on their international teams. 

Grade 9 star player, Zoe Justman, played with the Israel softball team. She was proud to represent her Jewish heritage and move toward a larger playing field. Zoe details having a chance to experience softball from a different perspective stating, “the idea of playing internationally is very exciting to me, especially experiencing different cultures and meeting people from all over the world.” However, it doesn't just stop with Zoe! 


Zoe played for Israel International Team

Zoe Justman went to Israel to play on their international team


There’s Malia Plourde, a grade 11 international representative. She worked diligently to proudly represent her family and country, Cuba. Being a part of the program has helped Malia, since “[the] experience can help …with scholarships and be seen by college coaches. Coaches from all over come to these games and scout for players.”(Plourde, Malia). 

This experience not only showcases that they are determined athletes but also know how to have fun and push their comfort zones! Being able to meet new people and play under the pressure of high expectations demonstrates honor, grace, and style. The players noted a strengthening of their skills in pitching, catching, and throwing, as well as, learning entirely new techniques. 

If you have the chance to play your sport internationally, Zoe says you “should absolutely try to do it. It is an amazing experience and opportunity that is so special.” Malia also advises,  “...go for it! Don’t miss the opportunity to have fun playing the sport you love and meet new people”. Wherever you go, there are new opportunities to learn. Playing a sport internationally is one of those fantastic opportunities to learn and grow your skillset.