Summer Transition Academy for all incoming students

Frank Tarczynski


The Summer Transition Academy (STA) is a GHC graduation requirement. Students are enrolled in STA during their scheduled counseling appointment. Students will earn two and a half elective credits per class for the successful completion of STA.


  • Provide a successful transition to GHC •

  • Orient students to the school climate and campus

  • Assess current learning and provide a unifying experience

  • Acclimate students to the culture of GHC

  • Perform diagnostic tests to ensure proper placement in classes

  • Model a college-readiness culture and develop a four-year academic plan

  • Introduce families and students to higher education


  • Develop an understanding and familiarity of GHC's instructional practices

  • Complete Fall Semester registration

  • Receive Chromebook training and support

  • Embrace school spirit

  • Meet fellow incoming students


The Summer Transition Academy is a GHC graduation requirement. In order to participate in the GHC graduation ceremony or receive a GHC high school diploma, students must complete STA.

The dates of July 5 - July 22, 2022 must be made available for STA attendance. Hours of attendance are 8:00 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. Students who miss more than 4 hours total will receive an “Attendance Fail” on their transcripts and must complete STA the following summer. Attendance is required on the first and last day of STA. Students who miss the final day will receive a Fail in their STA classes.

Students who cannot attend this summer (only under extenuating circumstances) may file an appeal before June 10, 2022. Appeals for deferred attendance explaining the extenuating circumstances are considered by a committee. Students with a granted appeal will have to complete STA the following summer.

Please contact the Office of Instruction at (818) 360-2361 ext. 433 or to request further information about the appeal process.



Students attend English and Mathematics classes with a focus on grade level reading, writing, critical thinking and math computational and conceptual skills.

Students will complete several diagnostic assessments during STA, including the Northwest Evaluation Association Measure of Academic Progress (NWEA MAP) online assessments in Mathematics and Reading. Diagnostic data and other factors such as previous course grades, test scores, and teacher recommendation ensure proper placement in Mathematics and English courses.

In addition to Math and English classes, students will have the opportunity to participate in games, arts + crafts, and other team-building activities that help build a sense of community.


New incoming students attend a welcome assembly and are introduced to high school graduation and college entrance requirements before completing a school tour.

Students participate in a student wellness assembly which focuses on the elimination of school violence and helps establish a school culture of kindness and compassion.

Students entering Grade 9 complete Fall Registration. During the registration process, students take a yearbook picture and receive a school ID, Chromebook and school planner. New students entering Grades ten, eleven and twelve will also receive their Chromebook during STA prior to completing Fall Registration in August.

For more information, contact the Office of Instruction or your student’s counselor.