AP Summer Assignments Posted For 2022-23

Kendra Chalker

Below is the list of AP courses for the 2022-23 school year. Listed next to each of the courses are the summer assignments (or states NO Summer Assignment).  

Summer assignments are recommended but not mandatory. Students will not be penalized if they do not turn in the assignment.



AP Art History

No Summer Assignment

AP Biology

No Summer Assignment

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus AB can be found on DeltaMath https://www.deltamath.com/students?code=64Y4-4F9Q

AP Calculus BC

AP Calculus BC can be found on DeltaMath https://www.deltamath.com/students?code=2H5K-28JL

AP Chemistry

Join this Google Classroom for the AP Chemistry Summer assignment.  

Code: mqwgnbv

AP Chinese Language

No Summer Assignment

AP Computer Science A

No Summer Assignment

AP Computer Science Principles

No Summer Assignment

AP Drawing

Try to draw every day, even if it is 5 minutes. Try to avoid fan art. We will bring in sketchbooks to inspire your first project in the fall.

AP Micro-Economics

No Summer Assignment

AP English Language

No Summer Assignment

AP English Literature

No Summer Assignment

AP Environmental Science

No Summer Assignment

AP US Government

For the 12th grade AP Government we are asking the students to read chapter 1 and complete Cornell Notes. I'm also including an AP Government Podcast suggestor if the students wanted something to listen to.

Chapter 1_American Government and Politics.pdf

AP Human Geography


AP Music Theory

Dear AP Music Theory (APMT) students 2022–23!  

AP Music Theory (Strongly Recommended for Success) Summer Assignments:

This chapter should be *review* for all students entering APMT. Therefore, if you come across new information I would also read, review, study, and listen to the first/top 12 lessons here: https://www.musictheory.net/lessons

  • Fluency: Reading notes fast enough to keep up with the course content. To increase your speed (Using GRAND STAFF) Practice! "Note Identification" https://www.musictheory.net/lessons (go to the gear icon to adjust settings). Your goal should be to identify 25 correct notes in 60 seconds or less. If you are slower than that, 5 minutes of practicing each day will make a HUGE difference to your success and happiness in the class. *Note: If you play or read primarily in treble clef, then you will need to get your bass clef up to speed. 

  • Since music notation and theory was created in relation to keyboard instruments, being able to visualize the keyboard and its notes is essential. Check out this handy practice resource: https://www.musictheory.net/exercises/keyboard

  • Ear Training Intervals: Daily practice... 3-5 more minutes a day. Your ear training is not like comprehending a concept, instead, it is akin to developing and maintaining a muscle, don't start the year with atrophy!  https://www.musictheory.net/exercises/ear-interval

AP Physics 1


AP Physics 2


AP Physics C

Welcome to APC! Your summer assignment is essentially a review of kinematics. There are four worksheets covering constant velocity and constant acceleration (using a calculus approach) as well as projectiles. U1 WS1, U1 WS2, U1 WS3 are all due on the first day of school; U2 WS1 is due one week later. The relevant sections of your future textbook are at the end of this document for reference and to do the problems. Good luck! (***ASSIGNMENT (PDF) ATTACHED***)

AP Spanish Language 

No Summer Assignment

AP Spanish Literature

No Summer Assignment

AP French

No Summer Assignment

(recommend practice on Duolingo for weekly maintenance)

AP Statistics


AP Studio Art

Try to draw every day, even if it is 5 minutes. Try to avoid fan art. We will bring in sketchbooks to inspire your first project in the fall.

AP US History

 Sign up for the AP U.S. History Google Summer Assignment in Google Classroom.   

Google Classroom code: x6j2kco

AP World History 

No Summer Assignment

AP Seminar

No Summer Assignment

AP Research

No Summer Assignment

AP Macro-Economics

No Summer Assignment

AP Psychology

No Summer Assignment