Join California Charter Schools in Supporting AB 2254

Join California Charter Schools in Supporting AB 2254
California Charter Schools Association (CCSA)

AB 2254 will continue the allowable use of supplemental assessment data and postsecondary outcome measures in addition to the CA School Dashboard in charter school renewals.  

Charter schools are currently permitted to present supplemental data from nationally-normed assessments and postsecondary outcomes, or “verified data,” at renewal if the tool is validated by the CA State Board of Education (SBE). While the CA School Dashboard is the primary tool for renewal evaluation, supplemental assessment data is allowed to be presented during the charter school renewal process.

However, the use of verified data will sunset beginning June 30, 2025, which will make the Dashboard the only data available for charter renewal going forward. In many cases, the Dashboard alone will be insufficient for the purpose of a high-stakes charter renewal evaluation and in particular puts schools serving high proportions of historically underserved students at risk.

The continued use of verified data will improve the quality of many charter renewals , particularly in circumstances in which the Dashboard is incomplete, leading to fairer outcomes for schools. If the allowable use of verified data were to sunset, some renewals would be limited to incomplete or misleading data, and highly effective schools may be closed, in particular putting historically underserved students in jeopardy of losing schools that are actually accelerating their learning and helping them achieve postsecondary success.

AB 2254 by Assemblymember Blanca Rubio will remove the sunset on the use of verified data ensuring that charter schools will be able to continue to present supplemental assessment data in addition to the Dashboard during their renewals.

The California Charter Schools Association is sponsoring AB 2254 (Rubio).

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