HFX Launches 15@15: Youth Building Democracy

HFX Launches 15@15: Youth Building Democracy
Halifax International Security Forum

Washington, DC – To mark the 15th annual Halifax International Security Forum, HFX announces the launch of 15@15: Youth Building Democracy. This global competition will introduce young people to HFX’s vital mission of strengthening strategic cooperation among the world’s democracies. 

Fifteen years ago – 2008 – was momentous: Russia invaded its smaller neighbor Georgia, China hosted its first Olympic Games, the housing bubble burst and the ensuing banking collapse led to a global recession and the United States elected Barack Obama, its first Black president. A lot has happened in the past decade and a half. Now, as democracies work together to solve the challenges of the next fifteen years, it’s time to engage global youth.

“Youth have the highest stake in our future and deserve a voice in shaping the policies that will affect their world,” said Peter Van Praagh, HFX President. “15@15 will be part of building a new era for democracy, opportunity and peace with youth leading the way.”

The 15@15 global competition is open to any individual born in 2008 and requires applicants to submit a fifteen-second video about one positive change they would like to see within the next fifteen years that will make their world more secure. The winners will receive an invitation to the 2023 Halifax International Security Forum. 

Halifax International Security Forum, hosted in Nova Scotia, Canada, is the world’s most consequential meeting on democracy and global affairs. The Forum brings together political decision-makers, senior military officers, industry leaders – and now youth! – to address the world’s most pressing security and defense challenges through the prism of democracy.

The 15@15 global competition will open for submissions on May 15, 2023 and will close for submissions on September 15, 2023.

For more information, including application instructions, please visit https://halifaxtheforum.org.