SoCalGas Panelists Enlighten Stem Students

SoCalGas Panelists Enlighten Stem Students
Bonnee Lallouz

SoCalGas employees visited students at the Zelzah campus to discuss career paths and how to get started in a career in STEM. Over 100 students attended the event in Rawley Hall where three panelists spoke about their roles at SoCalGas and what that entailed.

Panelists included Ethan Simonoff (Technology Development Project Manager), Amado Galaviz (Project Engineer), and Rosie Magana (Manager of Distributed Energy Resource Policy and Strategy). 

 "I'm so glad the event went so well and appreciate everyone's hard work and participation. I would love to have more events like this one!" said Ben Steinberger, SoCalGas Public Affairs Manager.

Each guest spoke openly of what they liked and disliked about their present positions, and shared their educational journeys and career paths that led them to where they are today.

Ms. Lauren Weisman, STEM Department Chair, moderated the event and fielded questions from students for panelists to answer, "It was so interesting to hear their paths on how they got to where they are today. I love that Amado plays in a band and Rosie's daughter is an alum of our School."

Thank you to the team at SoCalGas for facilitating a positive learning experience for our STEM students, and to the company's Public Affairs Manager, Ben Steinberger, who coordinated the event with GHC's Communications Office.

For more information about our community partnership program, contact the School's Communications Office.


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