Community Partner: Volunteers Cleaning Communities (VCC) Spends the Day with GHC Students

Community Partner: Volunteers Cleaning Communities (VCC) Spends the Day with GHC Students
Jill Mathers

GRANADA HILLS CHARTER STUDENTS: Abigail, Ana, Andrew, Ang, Cristofer, Imogene, Jessica, Johana, Julia, Justin, Lauren, Venice, Miguel, Marc, James, Aram, Lucinda, Savanna, Noah, and Sofia - of course Bonnee. 21 volunteers!

Twice a year VCC and Granada Hills Charter High School work together on a project – today it was a beautification around their school – cleaning up the illegal dumping, leaves, and debris on Kingsley which is the north border of the school.

We met at 8:45 a.m. – though we got people still at 9:00 a.m. – and set up teams for the day. Mark Hovater, our video producer staged us for a group picture and followed us to make a video as well.

We divided into 5 teams of 4 each and a leader – armed with 2 push brooms, a rake, a shovel, and bags per team. We started at Zelzah on the north side of Kingsley and worked our way in groups to Lindley – sweeping, raking, and bagging as we went along.

When everyone got into a rhythm we were working like a well-oiled machine and made the entire street in the 2 hours.. but I tell you, trying to get the debris and leaves under the parked cars was a challenge and very difficult and time-consuming… but we did the best we could. There were 4 huge heavy bags of illegal dumping – construction debris; some furniture parts, boards, and 62 bags of leaves and debris on one side of the street alone.

We leap-frogged over each other into new opportunities for sweeping up the sidewalk and curbs until we made it to the very end.

Then we had to carry the bags to the dumpsters – in a shopping cart we found, by hand (and they were heavy) and using one of the volunteer's pick-up trucks (thank goodness for that!) Every bag and illegal dumping item was put in the bins and the street and curb were clean… so much nicer.

A walker thanked us for volunteering to do this because he could not walk on the sidewalk before we cleaned it and was walking in the street which is not safe.

Thank you to Bonnee Lallouz who organizes the volunteers for Granada Hills Charter for arranging this and by the way – she is one of the hardest workers as well – leading by example is her mantra. The students were great and really worked hard – it was hot and they never gave up!