Stay One Step Ahead with the Latest Cross Country Updates!

Stay One Step Ahead with the Latest Cross Country Updates!
Bernardo Abrego


This past weekend our Varsity teams competed at the Clovis Invitational in Fresno and the rest of the team raced at the West Valley League Cluster #2.

In spite of not having our Varsity teams, we did quite well at the Pierce meet on Thursday. The results are now available on and they can also be consulted at

In the team competition, the FS Girls won 1st place (edging Taft by 2pts), the JV Girls got 2nd place, and the Varsity Girls 2nd place as well. In the boys races, FS and JV both won 1st place as a team, and Varsity Boys came in 4th.


FS Cross Country Team


Individually, our top 10 results were the following: In FS Boys, Joseph (2nd), Tristan (3rd), Chris B (4th), Sarkis (5th), Henry (7th), Riyaan (8th), Karime (9th), and Mayank (10th). In JV Boys,  Chris K (1st), Matthew (2nd), Kevin (3rd), Connor (4th), and Kael (6th). In Varsity Boys, Jayden (9th). In FS Girls, Camila (3rd), Melba (4th), Viola (6th), Ashley (7th), Victoria (8th), and Emily (9th). In JV Girls, Jackie (3rd) and Kayla (5th). In Varsity Girls, Lilianna (1st), and Elsa (8th). Special Congratulations to Chris Kajiwara and Lilianna Moreira on winning their races.


FS Boys Cross Country


In terms of PRs, we weren't expecting any as the Piece course is more challenging than any flat course and the weather conditions were not ideal. However, almost everyone improved their time with respect to the last time we ran there.

The Varsity teams joined the fastest teams in California at the 5km course in Woodward Park. Both of our teams participated in the XL Division.  The Girls came in 24th place out of 42 schools and the boys came in 18th place out of 39 schools. We had some solid performances and moreover invaluable experience on the course as we are hoping to come back for the State Championship. Samantha Pacheco came in 7th place, almost breaking 19:00 (19:01.2). This is the 8th fastest time of a GHC girl at Woodward Park.  On the boys side, 6 of our runners entered the list of all-time best performances.  Alec, Kellan, Ryan, and Benjamin all improved their course record from last year. In the tables below, you can see the all-time GHC performances at Woodward Park. (Boys under 18:00 and Girls under 21:00)


Varsity X Country Team


At the Masters University Invitational.

Varsity Girls, JV Girls, and JV Boys earned 2nd place in their respective team competitions at the Masters University XC Invitational. Sophomore Samantha Pacheco continues her winning streak by winning 1st place in the Girls Varsity race.

The pictures show the JV Girls team, and 3 members of the Varsity Girls team: Samantha Pacheco 1st place (left), Kiana Diamond 9th (center), and Sophia Battle 23rd (right)


X-Country JV Girls Team

X-Country JV Girls Team


3 members of the Varsity Girls team

Three members of the Varsity Girls Team


Congratulations to the Cross Country Varsity Boys on their 5th place finish at the prestigious Woodbridge Invitationals. 
Samantha Pacheco continues her individual streak by winning the Girls Varsity Blue race with a time of  17:43.4

Pacheco continues her winning streak!

Pacheco continues her winning streak!


GHC Cross Country Sophomore Girls Team earned 1st place at the Rosemead Invitational. Scoring for the team Samantha Pacheco (1st), Sophia Battle (21th), Kiana Diamond (23rd), Gisela Ramos-Hassett (28th), Georgia Alexandrakis (41st), Isobelle Zambrano (42nd), and Michelle Hernandez (55th).  Samantha Pacheco ran the fastest time of the night by winning the sophomore race, 17:26.3 on the 3-mile course. 
The GHC Senior boys were also the champions of their race. The scorers for the team were Alec Flores (4th), Ethan Diaz (10th), Benjamin Niebla (11th), Ryan Dudley (22nd), Kellan Kloss (31st), Diego Olivera (57th), and Kevin Shoukeir (83th).


Cross Country Sophomore Girls Team

Cross Country Sophomore Girls Team earned first place at the Rosemead Invitational!


Cross Country Senior Boys Team

Cross Country Senior Boys Team also earned first place!