Granada Hills Charter's DECA Team Dominates District Competition, Securing Top Honors

Granada Hills Charter's DECA Team Dominates District Competition, Securing Top Honors
Jordan Duke

Granada Hills Charter's DECA competition team has once again proven its mettle, showcasing outstanding performance in the competitive District Southern California Competition. Against hundreds of talented students, every team member demonstrated excellence, earning the title of District Finalist. Moreover, several students achieved remarkable success, with many securing top positions within their divisions, and even clinching Overall Category Wins and Event Championships.

In a display of skill and determination, Destiny Arroyo, Phoebe Quach, and Makyla Cervantes claimed the spotlight as Overall Category Winners, securing impressive 2nd place finishes. Their achievements not only highlight their prowess but also underscore the team's collective strength and commitment to excellence.

GHC's DECA team left an indelible mark in various events, with multiple students emerging as champions in role plays and exams. Destiny, Rahima, and Trishaan showcased their expertise by clinching 1st place in their respective categories, demonstrating exceptional strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. Additionally, Alisha, Anahit, Christina, Makyla, and Simrat delivered stellar performances, securing 2nd and 3rd place finishes, further solidifying the team's dominance in the competition.

The remarkable success of GHC's DECA team in the District Southern California Competition is a testament to their dedication, tireless preparation, and talent. Their ability to excel in a competitive environment speaks volumes about their commitment to continuous improvement and pursuit of excellence.

As GHC's DECA team celebrates its success, they remain focused on the journey ahead. Armed with invaluable experience and a hunger for success, they are poised to conquer greater challenges on the path to future triumphs. With each competition, they elevate their skills, broaden their horizons, and inspire others to strive for greatness.

Their passion, determination, and exceptional talent set them apart as leaders in the world of business education. As they continue to push boundaries and reach new heights, one thing is certain—their legacy of excellence will endure for years to come, inspiring generations of aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders.