Excellence and Prestige: Choir Shines at Music Festival, Secure Carnegie Hall Invitation

Excellence and Prestige: Choir Shines at Music Festival, Secure Carnegie Hall Invitation
Julian Sims

Granada Hills Charter’s Choir of Chamber Singers recently participated in the 4-day Heritage Music Festival, where they earned a Gold rating and a prestigious invitation to perform at Carnegie Hall next year! These talented singers also received the Festival’s Spirit Award, out of 2,000 participants. This honor is bestowed on teams that display the greatest amount of respect, honor, and sportsmanship during the entire festival.

GHC’s choir continues to impress and take hold of the musical world with their dulcet voices and harmony. Dr. Walker, Administrative Director, High School Instruction, voiced his praise for the choir program and its director, Dr. Balfour, stating, “I am so thrilled for [Dr. Balfour] and [her] students. [GHC] is very fortunate to have such wonderful talent amongst our students and a truly gifted teacher to guide them.”


Dr. Balfour with member of LA Master Chorale

Dr. Balfour with a member of the LA Master Chorale. They were invited to visit students and provide professional guidance. 


Prior to the competition, the Los Angeles Master Chorale paid a visit to the school’s choir students and provided them with gentle guidance. Together, the mentors and mentees enjoyed a class period filled with a mutual passion for music. The dedication to music from both students and professional singers was evident as students could be seen hovering after class, taking advantage of being in the presence of the choir.


Choir student harmonizing with LA Master Chorale mentors

Choir student harmonized with LA Master Chorale mentors.


Overall, the School’s Choir of Chamber Singers' achievements at the Heritage Music Festival demonstrate their dedication to music and teamwork. GHC’s choir has earned recognition and praise for their talent, and the invitation to perform at Carnegie Hall is a testament to their hard work and zeal for music.