Celebrating Excellence: High School Coach Named CIF State Model Coach of the Year

Celebrating Excellence: High School Coach Named CIF State Model Coach of the Year
Jessica Villeda

In an achievement for GHC's athletic program, track and field coach, Johnny Wiley, has been honored as the CIF State Model Coach of the Year for this academic year. Model coaches are selected based on positive role modeling, leadership, and school and community, service. With a commitment and a passion for nurturing athletes' talents, Coach Wiley has left a mark on the athletics program, helping students excel not only on the field but also in life.

"Coach Wiley is an amazing educator. He really has a passion for the sport and truly knows how to motivate the students to give it their all. He was able to Coach the boys track and field team to a second consecutive sectional title; the boys are also in the running for the first team state title in school history. We could not be prouder or happier to have him as a part of the GHC family."
(Ms. Garcia, Athletic Director)

Coach Wiley has demonstrated an ability to foster a positive and inclusive environment for every member of the team. Under his guidance, our track and field athletes have thrived, pushing their limits and achieving success. Coach Wiley has not only focused on enhancing individual performances but also emphasized the importance of teamwork, perseverance, and sportsmanship, instilling these values in each athlete.

The CIF State Model Coach of the Year award is a testament to Coach Wiley's ability to bring out the best in his athletes. His expertise, guidance, and encouragement have transformed the athletics program, elevating it to new heights. As we celebrate this incredible achievement, let us express our heartfelt gratitude to Coach Wiley for his dedication and for inspiring our athletes. His impact extends beyond the track, shaping the lives of our students and leaving an enduring legacy within the School community.

Congratulations, Coach Wiley, on this well-deserved recognition!