An Unstoppable Year! Students Demonstrate Excellence in Academics and Athletics

An Unstoppable Year! Students Demonstrate Excellence in Academics and Athletics
Julian Sims

Here at Granada Hill Charter, learning extends beyond the campus with real-world experiences. With excellent coaches and instructors, students rise to the challenge when competing. Listed below are a few of the extracurricular activities and competitions that they have dominated this school year. 


    Cheer is a highly competitive, athletic, and acrobatic sport. From tumbling, backflips, flyers, and stunts; cheer requires an immense amount of coordination and team unity. Their competitions gather the team together to perform in front of judges along with 99 other cheer teams. With GHC having 0 deductions, meaning, “ all of [the team's] stunts, motions, tumbling skills all went according to plan,” clarifies Ms. Feldman. The Varsity Cheer team recently won first place at the CIF Valley Regional Championships, way to go!


Varsity Cheer at CIF Valley Regional Championships



Altos, Tenors, Bass, and Soprano rise to the Conductor! Choir has many competitive events that take place at an array of hosting schools. During the competition, “show choirs receive, on average, 25 minutes to set up their props, get into positions and perform their show with costumes, instrumental accompaniment, choreographed dance routines, props, acting, solos, and storytelling,” details Dr. Balfour, the Choir Director. Teams' creativity is further denoted through innovative themes such as Yoga, Roaring 20s, and even popular productions like Beetlejuice. Show choirs are awarded based on best acting and performance.  


Show choir performance



The School's culinary program teaches students lifelong skills from cooking to baking and even the fine art of plating. Culinary is a highly intuitive yet skill-based course. The C-CAP cooking is known for its timed challenges ensuring participants demonstrate their skills in cooking uniquely delicious dishes with spectacular presentations, the utmost safety, and sanitation. The winners gain a scholarship to attend college/post-secondary schools nationwide. Below are the students who competed and are awaiting their results later this month at the awards ceremony with culinary teacher Mr. Ma. Best of luck!


Culinary teacher, Mr. Ma with students



    From the State Career Development Conference (SCDC) to online entrepreneurship, the DECA program offers a variety of competitions that build and strengthen lifetime-worthy experiences. This solid business foundation provides GHC students a headstart when they go on to pursue post-secondary and higher education in business management, advertisement, financing, and so much more to offer. "Whether you have just 10 minutes to put together a creative solution to a case study or 15 minutes to make your pitch, DECA's competitive events let members experience what it's like to be a business professional. DECA’s competitive events can be grouped into three broad categories— role-plays and case studies, prepared events, and online simulations," ( SCDC is a competition where “students go to compete against other high schools within California and make innovative projects to present to judges,” explains student, Daniel N.



Track and Field

The Boys Track team are CIF Los Angeles City Section Champions for the second year in a row! The Girls are team runner-up. "The CIF LA City Section is a non-profit organization that manages and governs high school athletics for more than 160 member schools" (Instagram, @CIFLACS).

Boys Track Team


Girls Track Team


Winterguard International(WGI)

Here are some of the competitions GHC's color guard and drumline participated in: “[earlier this semester] two of our winter ensembles debuted their competitive programs ...[,] congratulations to our winter drumline for placing fourth at the ADLA Percussion Competition and to our winter guard for placing second at the WGASC Winter Guard Competition,” beams band director, Mr. Cooper. Competing in the Winterguard International (WGASC) takes dextrous timing and extreme precision. A superb amount of musical and athleticism skills were demonstrated by the drumline and the color guard. Keep up the great work!

GHC Winterguard