What is the on-campus spectator policy for GHC students?

What is the on-campus spectator policy for GHC students?

The health and safety of our students, staff, volunteers, and spectators remain our highest priority. Below is a summary of actions to be taken by spectators. We are incorporating federal, state, county, and district considerations to protect students, families, and our community AND lower the risk of the spread of COVID-19.

To access either the TK-8 or High School campus, for an athletic event or activity, students must show their Parent Locker profile with a green clearance checkmark, photo ID, and a GHC digital ticket for the event.

Additional Protocol:

  1. PARENT LOCKER. All GHC students must show a green clearance checkmark on their daily Parent Locker profile. 
  2. PHOTO IDENTIFICATION. Photo identification must be presented at the designated entrance.
  3. MASKS. All spectators will be required to properly wear a face-covering when indoors on school property. Face coverings must be worn over both the nose and mouth.
  4. SOCIAL DISTANCING. Spectator seating may be marked in order to maintain adequate social distancing. Please follow these guidelines upon arrival and throughout each event.
  5. DIGITAL TICKETS. For all events, ONLY Digital tickets “purchased” or “reserved for no-cost” in advance will be accepted.  Tickets are available online through the student store. All tickets will be pre-sold online based on the number of available seats after factoring in social distancing guidelines, which will limit capacity. Spectators who do not have a ticket will not be allowed entry. Tickets for all events may be accessed on the GHC Student Store page.
  6. BAGS. All bags are subject to search upon entry. DO NOT bring in large or oversized bags, backpacks, etc.
  7. FOOD/DRINKS. Outside food and beverage may not be brought onto campus, with the following exception: each spectator will be allowed to bring one (1) un-opened, sealed bottle of water. No concessions will be sold.
  8. ENTRANCE/EXIT. Entry/Exit for all athletic events will be through the Reunion Gate located near the Football Field off of the Zelzah Avenue parking lot. Entry/exit for other events will be indicated on the ticket.
  9. PARKING. Parking is limited to the Zelzah Avenue lot and/or available street parking only.

Non-compliance with the above will result in the person(s) being escorted off campus, no rights of return and no refund for their admission ticket (if any). Non-compliance across multiple events may result in not being able to come onto the GHC Campuses for any event.

The above is subject to change at any time based on further developments of the COVID-19 virus, its variants, guidance or mandates from the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health, the California Department of Public Health, the Los Angeles Unified School District, the California Interscholastic Federation, and/or additional determination by the GHC COVID-19 Response Team.

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