What happens when a student on campus is diagnosed with COVID-19 and my student is exposed?

If your student is fully vaccinated, they may continue to attend school uninterrupted. Closely monitor their health for the next ten days (as you should be doing daily) - if they have any new symptoms that are consistent with COVID-19 or don’t feel well, they should stay home from school. 

If your student is not fully vaccinated, they may continue to attend school uninterrupted if they are eligible for “modified quarantine,” also known as “test to stay.” Click here to view the requirements for modified quarantine. 

All students, regardless of vaccination status, will participate in the twice-weekly COVID-19 testing. This frequent testing schedule meets the LACDPH requirements for individuals who are exposed to COVID-19 in a school setting. 

If your student is identified as a close contact through interviews with an individual diagnosed with COVID-19 and must quarantine at home, the school will contact you directly.

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