Instructional Resource, Textbook Policy and Contract 

Instructional Resource, Textbook Policy and Contract 

Instructional resources include, but are not limited to, textbooks, novels, workbooks, calculators, Chromebooks, audio/visual equipment etc. Students are responsible for all instructional resources issued to them during the course of the school year. Students and parents are responsible for the replacement or repair cost for all instructional resources lost, damaged, destroyed, and/or not returned. 

  • Students are responsible for the unique instructional resources issued to them - each resource has an individual barcode linked to a  student’s ID number. For easy identification of textbooks, students should write their names on the nameplate inside the front cover once they receive them.  
  • Students receive confirmation for every instructional resource issued and returned. It is the student’s responsibility to keep this confirmation and verify that the identification numbers match the instructional resource(s) they receive or return. This confirmation will be emailed to students’ GHC email accounts.  
  • It is the student’s responsibility to inspect their instructional resource for any preexisting damage and to ensure that all items are complete and in working order. Students must exchange damaged instructional resources immediately after receiving them.  Students will be responsible for all damage NOT reported within the first two days after the instructional resource was issued. 
  • Students should maintain the appearance and cleanliness of resources by doing the following: textbooks should be covered at ALL  times; do not write, tag, highlight, or draw on or in any resource; do not stain the resource with food or liquids; do not tear or rip covers or pages of textbooks; do not affix stickers to any item. Students are responsible for any and all damage outside of normal wear and tear. 
  • Do not leave instructional resources in classrooms even with a teacher’s permission. Students are responsible for their instructional resources at all times. Teachers are NOT responsible for student-issued instructional resources.
  • If instructional resources are lost or damaged, students will be responsible for the replacement or repair cost. The replacement cost of a textbook ranges from $50 to $200 per textbook. The replacement cost of a Chromebook is $250. Optional Chromebook insurance covering accidental damage is available and information is provided when the Chromebook is issued and/or at the beginning of the school year. The optional Chromebook insurance may be purchased on a yearly basis. 
  • If an instructional resource is lost, the student must report the loss to the Student Technology and Textbook Office. The student will be issued a replacement resource. The student is responsible for the replacement cost of the original resource that has been lost.
  • If an instructional resource has been stolen, the student must immediately file a Deans’ Office Statement. A replacement resource will be issued while the theft is investigated. The student may be held responsible for the replacement cost of the stolen instructional resource pending the outcome of the Deans’ Office investigation.  
  • The school is NOT responsible for any lost or stolen instructional resources. Parents and students are responsible for the replacement cost of all instructional resources not returned when due. 

A $20 fee per resource will be charged for: 

  • Every instructional resource returned after the end of the semester deadline. Deadlines will be posted on campus and emailed to students and guardians. Students are responsible for adhering to all deadlines. Note that some resources will be due at the end of the first semester and deadlines will differ depending on a student’s grade level.  
  • Every instructional resource left in student lockers after the year-end locker clearance deadline. All instructional resources must be returned to the Student Technology and Textbook Office by the student to whom they were issued. 
  • Every Summer School instructional resource is not returned by the end of the summer school deadline.  
  • Every damaged barcode on the resources. If resources are properly cared for, the barcode should stay intact. 

The Student Technology and Textbook Office will be closed on the Friday of final examinations week. The office will reopen the following  Monday through Friday for the return of instructional resources. 

Students who have instructional resource debts and/or fines may not be permitted to participate in school activities such as dances and sports until such debts are cleared. Please read the Textbook Replacement Policy below before replacing any missing textbooks.

If a textbook is lost, students have the option to replace the missing textbook in one of the following two ways:

  • Reimburse GHCHS for the cost of the textbook at the Student Store. 
  • Replace the lost textbook with a used copy of the textbook purchased online (i.e. from Amazon), adhering to the following  conditions: 
  1. Contact the Textbook Office to verify textbook replacement eligibility before purchasing a textbook replacement. 
  2. Used textbook replacements must be in “used-good” or a better rated condition. 
  3. Proof of purchase is required.  
  4. Textbook replacements may only be accepted by the Textbook Office.

Instructional Resource/Textbook Policy and Contract

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