Possip Parent Feedback

Granada Hills Charter (GHC) contacts families by text message and email using a service called Possip, which is also used by 1,300 schools and almost one million people across the country. GHC uses Possip to ask for and receive feedback on your happiness and experience with our school. GHC and Possip do not share any of your information, and follow federal regulations on student and user privacy. You can make sure you have updated your contact information on file by calling your school or filling out this form

To learn more about Possip, visit www.possip.com.

How it works:

GHC has the ability to send text messages via Possip. Text messages are used to gather feedback, praise, questions and ideas from you, and you may participate anonymously each and every time your share. You may also opt out of receiving text messages and still share by email.

  • Every two weeks you will receive a text with a link to complete the survey
  • The survey is only two questions with an option to provide additional feedback
  • The survey should take as little as 30 seconds to complete

Linked is a letter for parents on how Possip works and how it helps your school. Also linked here are a set of multilingual letters for parents on how it works.

Parent Perspectives

Thank you for sharing feedback through Possip this week. We’ve heard from 3,437 of families so far this year. We are seeing that 87% of families are satisfied or mostly satisfied with GHC this week.

This week we heard members in the school community share examples of praise, appreciation, and feedback or questions:

  • Praise for teachers and school nurses, especially Mr. Tucker and Mr. Kim
  • Praise for the drop off and pick up line logistics, and the presence of LASPD officers
  • Appreciation for the School's interest in having direct conversations with parent-guardians through our Family Connect Program
  • Request for more information about Home Access Center (HAC)
  • Questions about the School's visitor policy

And in response to this week's specific question, responses will be shown below:

Please send in praise, appreciation, and feedback or questions in next week’s Possip.


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