If you were accepted into the iGranada program, the counselor will reach out to you directly.

The iGranada Program is an independent learning program that incorporates both online learning and face-to-face instruction, allowing for full flexibility of student programs and student support. The program is designed with a unique and flexible collegiate-like schedule allowing access to the comprehensive high school experience. Students engage in a variety of instructional strategies for success; project-based learning, collaboration, seminar instruction and peer interaction.

Program Requirements

If the ability to access courses during non-traditional school hours and complete a course before a semester ends is a priority, then this program may suit your needs.

Course Work Includes

  • Weekly college-level workshops
  • UC/CSU-approved online courses
  • Academic seminars

Teresa Morton

Guidance Counselor

Academic Program: iGranada

Student Last Names: A-Z

Professional Educator since 2001

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