Assembly Bill 104 (AB104)

AB104 Information For All Grades TK-12

CA Governor signs Assembly Bill 104 into law. What is it?

On Thursday, July 1, 2021, Governor Newsom signed Assembly Bill 104 into law, and we’d like to provide you with important information on how this legislation may relate to your student. The bill contained three major provisions: retention, grading, and graduation policies. 

Below you will find information about each provision:  

Grade Change Option (Grades 9-12)

AB104 permits parents of students who were in high school in 2020-21 (or the student, if they have turned 18) to request letter grades for last year be changed to Pass/No Pass on transcripts. The new law requires CSU, and encourages UC and private postsecondary institutions, to accept those grade designations without prejudice.

Retention (All Grades TK-12)

In preparation for the 2021-22 school year, students will be eligible for a retention consultation if they received deficient grades for at least one-half of their coursework in 2020-21 and their parents are interested in holding them back a grade level. Deficient grades include grades of D, F, or No Pass. This temporary retention policy is in addition to any existing district retention policies. Students who were in 12th grade in 2020-21 are not eligible.

Parents/guardians of eligible students must request the retention consultation in writing. Districts then have 30 calendar days to hold the consultation and 10 calendar days after that meeting to issue a final decision.  

Coursework Completion (Grades 9-12)

AB104 exempts 2020-21 juniors and seniors from high school graduation requirements beyond statewide requirements if they are not on track to graduate in four years and requires school districts to provide opportunities for juniors and seniors to meet statewide graduation requirements through, among other avenues, a fifth year of high school.

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Retention Request Form

First page of the PDF file: Retention_Consultation_Request_Form

Grade Change Form

First page of the PDF file: AB104_GradeChangeForm

Coursework Completion Form

First page of the PDF file: Standard_Diploma_Consultation_Request_Form