14 years of excellent schooling

From TK-12, Granada Hills Charter (GHC) provides students with continuity through all grades. 

Our MISSION at Granada Hills Charter (GHC) is to create student-centered environments to develop academic curiosity, practical skills, and positive attitudes that enable successful, lifelong learners and responsible global citizens. We elevate the educational experience in our community by providing students with continuity through all grades, and prepare them for a future they envision and own. In addition to a strong academic foundation in math, English, humanities, science, art, physical education, and social science, our students will prepare for the rigors of high school, college, and beyond. It's never too early to begin preparing for a successful future!

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Our VISION is to ensure that students acquire seminal knowledge and exercise key habits of mind and essential skills leading to graduation, and in preparation for college and the 21st century workforce.

Effective School Learning Results (ESLRs)

Our VALUES are our Effective School Learning Results - or ESLRs - ensuring every graduating student will be an effective communicator, information manager, problem solver, productive society member and lifelong learner.

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For more information, please email with the subject line: Student's Full Name (Incoming Grade Level) or call (818) 360-2361, ext. 331.