Preparing Students for a 21st Century Workforce and Life

Preparing students for a 21st-century workforce and life.

We create student-centered environments to develop academic curiosity, practical skills, and positive attitudes that enable successful, lifelong learners and responsible global citizens.

TK-8 Program

The TK-8 program at Granada Hills Charter (GHC) opened its doors in August 2019. GHC offers a warm and stimulating primary school environment for children 4 to 10 years old. Aligning with GHC's mission to prepare students for a 21st century workforce and life, the TK-8 program is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School candidate. We look forward to welcoming you on campus to start your journey at GHC, America's largest independent public school located in Los Angeles, CA.


High School Program

Granada Hills Charter (GHC) is consistently ranked as one of the best schools in California. Students are challenged as individuals and as leaders, and will graduate a different person than when they entered high school. Whether it’s the collaborative experience of our academic teams, the bonds forged in myriad clubs and athletics, or the time management skills of our iGranada independent study program, GHC transforms students into life-long learners and productive, responsible global citizens encouraged to take risks, learn from failure, and meet their goals. 


Special Programs

The Special Education Program at Granada Hills Charter (GHC) is grounded in the philosophy that all students can learn. A specific program is customized for every student with a disability, and a particular disability category does not automatically qualify a student for a program placement. Most students enjoy a combination of a variety of programs. In addition to the fully customizable continuum of services, all students have access to all academic programs, athletics, and activities. Our services and programs have been designed to meet a variety of students’ educational and social-emotional needs.


GHC Highlights

Granada Hills Charter (GHC) proudly celebrates our students' successes. The consistency in which GHC is ranked as a top school in California is due to the talent and leadership of our faculty and staff. Read the school blog from our Executive Director, view student and staff highlights, and subscribe to important updates for all your favorite events.

Our Stories

Granada Hills Charter (GHC) values the entire family experience, which is why we regularly survey parents to let us know if they're happy, where we could improve, and share recommendations. Here's what our community, both past and present, has to say about our school.

Aleah Boyd (Thumbnail)

Aleah B.Student, High School Program

My experience here at GHC has been great! I feel welcomed by all teachers and staff, and am always presented with new opportunities. 

Faye (Thumbnail)

Faye E.Student, TK-8 Program

I appreciate my GHC teachers. They take the time to learn about my individual abilities and motivate me to reach my potential in fun and creative ways. They encourage me to get involved in school activities and try new things. I've enjoyed exploring different cultures, customs, and languages in my Spanish and Mandarin classes. I especially like music and trying several different instruments.

Jessica Miller (Thumbnail)

Jessica M.Parent, High School Program

GHC's Zelzah Campus has been the educational home for both of our daughters. As our youngest daughter prepares to graduate, we appreciate the school's continued commitment to providing a nurturing learning environment, dedicated educators, and ensuring a positive and enriching experience for her.


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We believe in creating a culture for student success through academic excellence, diverse student experiences, and kind curiosity that promotes lifelong learning and belonging. Ready to start your journey?